Assets pledged by a borrower that will be given up if the loan is not paid. Collateral is normally classified in order to simplify risk management and reporting. Collateral categories are groups of logically related collateral. E.g. Pledged funds, Pledged shares, Diamonds, Mortgages. They are used for two purposes:
• to report to head office or the central bank.
• to group and rank collaterals by their riskiness. Classification categories can include:
  1st Legal Mortgage on real est
  2nd Legal Mortgage on real est
  3rd Party Cheq Depos not Approved
  Acknowledged assign of contrac
  Approved Cheques Pledged
  Approved Wareh Warrants/Receip
  Assignment of Floating Assets
  Assignment of Various Claims
  Bank acceptances Disc./pledged
  Bank Guarantees from Group
  Cash Margin
  Chattel Mortgage
  Debenture fixed charge
  Debenture Floating Charge
  Deposits Pledged for 3rd Party
  Discounted/Pledged Tradepaper
  Doc in Hand, Import Bills D/P
  Doc to Be Received under letter of credit
  Equitable Mortgages
  Export Documents in Process
  Free Bal on Current Account
  Free Bal on Deposit Account
  Free Bal on Savings Account
  Government Guarantees
  Guarantees from other Banks
  In House Pledged Funds
  Invent in the Bank's Possesion
  Legal Mortgage on Aircrafts
  Legal Mortgage on ships
  n-th Legal Mortgage on real estate
  Other shares/Bonds not Quoted
  Placed funds with Group
  Placed funds with other banks
  Pledge of Off Exp Cred Insur
  Pledge of Other Exp Cred Insur
  Pledged Bonds quoted
  Pledged Government Paper
  Pledged Life Insur Posicies
  Pledged other Crt of Dp/My M It
  Pledged Own Crt of Dp/My Mkt It
  Pledged Shares quoted
  Regist Charge on Float Assets
  Semi Government Guarantees
  Stand-by from other banks
  Stand-by letter of credit from Group
  Third Party Pledged Deposits
  Tradepaper (Not Approved)
  Unused Export letter of credit Deposited
  Ware Warrents/Recpts (Not Approved)

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